June 2019

  • We now have a new farm and mill operating in Peake, South Australia.  Varieties planted on our farm are koroneiki, arbosana, arbequina, signore, and don carlo.

October 2018

  • Our oil will once again be used for the Savantes olive oil tasting course in Melbourne.

July  2017

Savantes tasted our Frantoio, Coratina, Hojiblanca blend, and produced the following tasting notes.

  • Style: Delicate
  • Aroma: Banana, pear, green melon, ripe tomato.
  • Taste: Ripe banana, slight endive bitterness, tannic banana, slight building pepper heat, almond finish with lingering hojiblanca tingling chilli
  • Balance, harmony, persistence: Balanced, complex, harmonious and persistent
  • Commercial evaluation: A sweet oil for use with all cuisine, especially deserts and baking
  • Additional comments: Particularly noticeable was the increase in complexity and persistence of the pepper with the inclusion of the hojiblanca

November  2016

  • Our oil will be available for tasting at the Savantes Melbourne tasting course.  See

September  2015

  • Savantes have sent us their tasting notes on our Australian 2015 bottled oil. This year’s weather conditions resulted in a quite delicate oil, which is a happy outcome for most of our customers!Packaging: Up market
    Intensities 1-5: Fruitiness: 3 Bitterness: 1 Pepper/Heat: 2
    Style: Delicate/medium
    Flavour: Aromas of green banana, ripe banana, tomato, apple, cumquat and sweet basil, Tastes of creamy banana, slight radicchio bitterness, almond and raw artichoke heart finish with underlying pepper heat.
    Commercial evaluation: An olive oil for general use with all cuisine, the fruity flavours would add to many desserts and cakes.
    Additional comments: Well blended!
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