Pisco, Peru

oasis pisco

Pisco is famous as the grape region of the wonderful Peruvian ‘Pisco’ brandy, so it is not surprising that olives grow well there too. Pisco is a narrow coastal strip between the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean and has a mild desert climate, with next to no rainfall. Water for our trees comes from mountain rainfall via the gushing Pisco River which replenishes our aquifer on its way to the sea.

Pisco does not suffer extreme temperatures, and the isolated desert environment keeps it relatively free of insects and other pests, making it a perfect place to produce high-quality table olives.

These olives are gently hand-picked and placed in brine on the farm, maintaining their quality. Our focus in Pisco is on well-known table olive varieties such as Kalamata and Manzanillo but we also produce many other surprising and delicious varieties.