Olive Oils


Oasis Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our frantoio extra virgin olive oil uses the classic tuscan frantoio olive to produce a well rounded oil with fruity aromas and a mild peppery finish. This is a well balanced oil suitable for use on salads, on pasta, in soup or just about anything else.
Available in four or twenty litre tins.


Our coratina extra virgin olive oil is a more robust oil with full flavour and a peppery finish.  Coratina is a wonderful oil-producing olive from Puglia, in the south of Italy.  Our coratina oil’s fresh cucumber taste will particularly enhance any salad.  This is also a wonderful oil on bread or bruschetta.
Available in four or twenty litre tins.

Premium Blend

This is a very special oil, made from a blend of our best olives. It has a complex and long-lasting flavour and is ideal for use on bread, on toast or any dish you want to enhance!
Available in 500ml or 200ml bottles.