Why Choose Oasis?


We go the extra mile.

We will do everything we can to supply you with olive oil and table olives that are the best they can possibly be. Olives grow in a natural environment and we are subject to the same variations in growing conditions as everyone else – but we’ve planned and planted and processed  to give our olives every chance to be the best.   It’s hard work, but we love it, and we hope you will taste the difference.

The right varieties in the right locations.

We went 8,000 extra miles to find the right places to grow our olives, on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Top-of-the-line processing plant.

This includes particular equipment found at very few other olive  processors, and it does make a difference.

Our people.

Our oil-maker, Alberto Serralha, has won the world’s major competitions. George Taylor, a former dairy farmer and now our Kialla farm manager, has cared for our trees since they were planted 12 years ago.  We suspect George knows each tree by name, as he did his cows.  As individuals and as a team, we will go the extra mile for you.

Try our extra virgin olive oil and table olives to see whether you can taste the difference that ‘extra mile’ makes.