Oasis Olives came about as a result of us meeting by chance when visiting an organic olive grove in Western Australia. We shared a passion for fine food and in particular olives, and realized that perhaps together we had the energy and resources to create a company able to produce better olive oil and table olives.

Now together with our families we have planted and nurtured almost 300,000 olive trees and are seeing our ideas become real. From Tuscan-style olive oil from Victoria’s cooler climes, to distinctive table olives from our frost-free desert ‘oasis’, we have produced a range of oils and olives to suit our tastes, and, we hope, yours.

The Oasis Family of Companies

The Oasis Group is made up of a number of different companies specializing in different areas.

  • Oasis Olives Pty Ltd
  • The Australian Fresh Olive Company Pty Ltd
  • Oasis Olives SAC